February Fashion – Midi Co-ords ❤

February Co-Ords - Ginger Top & Skirt Set from Namshi.Com*

February has been a very hectic month for me. Everything has been moving so fast and I’ve been introduced to so many new experiences. Since I am not done with it all, bear with me a little longer till I am able to shed light on what it is I am talking about. Anywho, do you know what else made February so super busy? All the events I was invited to and had to attend! Add them up to all the other stuff I had on my plate – I was left with hardly any time to look into my closet and put together outfits for all these events and parties. Enter Namshi, to save the day! 

Namshi is the Middle East’s most happening online destination for fashion and footwear, offering an extensive range of local, international as well as in-house brands. A lot of the stuff they have available are similar to those on ASOS. So it’s pretty great for me since I can order stuff of the same style and get it delivered the very next day instead of two weeks later. The company also has 14 day return or exchange policy to make shopping experiences more convenient.

How exactly did Namshi make my life easier? Co-ords and super-fast, free delivery!!! I am not exactly sure as to why, but it is sometimes really difficult to find co-ord outfits here. Do you guys agree? There should be more because it really does make life a whole lot easier!

I ended up getting two midi (My midi-obsession phase isn’t quite over yet!)  co-ord outfits along with a pair of shoes from Namshi that I wore to two events. Check em out:

Outfit #1

Ginger Top & Midi Skirt Set @ Namshi.Com*
Ginger Crop Top & Midi Skirt Set in Size S @ Namshi.Com*

^ I wore this outfit from Ginger –  a UK brand to the Roberto Cavalli Paraidso Launch event. The reason I got this outfit was because I thought it matched perfectly with the entire theme of the party and perfume. The colors  and the crop top especially! I paired this outfit with grass-friendly wedge booties and a black clutch. What do you guys think? Did I do a good job?

Ginger Crop Top & Midi Skirt Set @ Namshi.Com*
Ginger Crop Top & Midi Skirt Set in Size S @ Namshi.Com*

^A close up at the print and colors.

If you like, you can shop my look by clicking HERE.

Outfit #2

Love @ Namshi.Com*
LOVE  top & culottes in Sizes M, SPURR Aubree Sandals@ Namshi.Com*, Tchibo Handbag, Cruciani C bracelets, Swarovski Elements necklace.

I wore the above pastel outfit to the H&M Studio SS15 Preview! Somehow, this outfit went along with the theme of the event too! Oh oh and both events had similar themes! How cool is that?! Anyway, I am new to the LOVE brand however, I do hope Namshi starts stocking more of their stuff because I checked out their website and they have some pretty cool apparel.

LOVE top & culottes in Sizes M, SPURR Aubree sandals @ Namshi.Com, Tchibo Handbag, Cruciani C bracelets, Swarovski Elements necklace

I love the pastel tartan print in this outfit – so light and refreshing, don’t you think? This outfit is light, soft and sheer – making it very, very comfortable. It would look great paired with high heels and flat sandals too! The asymmetric hem of the shirt adds so much fun and playfulness to the outfit. There are so many colors in this one outfit that you can wear each piece (the top or bottom) separately with other stuff in your closet! I love that.

LOVE top & culottes, SPURR sandals @ Namshi, Tchibo Handbag, Cruciani C bracelets and Swarovski Elements Necklace.
LOVE top & culottes, in Sizes M SPURR Aubree sandals @ Namshi, Tchibo Handbag, Cruciani C bracelets and Swarovski Elements Necklace.

If you like the look, you can shop it here: LOVE Checkered Top, LOVE Checkered Bottom, SPURR White Sandals. I really wish the top and bottom could have been sold together instead of separately though.

I am really glad I found these fuss-free outfits with fuss-free delivery on Namshi.Com. Since then, I have been e-window shopping @ Namshi nearly every day, admiring all the new items that are being added. That’s another part that I love about the website. I won’t be saying buh-bye to asos.com just yet but if I ever need a new outfit for an occasion urgently, Namshi will be the first place I look!

To browse some other stuff available on the website, click HERE.




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