Fragrance of the Week – Angel Schlesser Pour Elle

Angel Schlesser Pour Elle*

Angel Schlesser Pour Elle carries the timeless elegance that defines the Schlesser style.

The fragrance’s seduction starts unexpectedly, thanks to the juicy citrus and floral chords of the top notes.  Bergamot offers a citrus freshness that combines sweetness with gently bitter touches. Red berries provide sparkling, spicy and soft floral notes. Calendula flowers are immediately refreshing with a sweet and fruity touch. 

The seduction continues through the middle notes of the fragrance, thanks to the sensual notes that combine magnificent white flowers with a fruity touch. Jasmine has  a sweet and narcotic floral scent, with sensual and intensely sweet base notes. Peony has a very fresh, floral scent, romantic and very feminine. Orange blossom is sensual, opulent and addictive, with a touch of sunny green. Apple is a fresh, fruity notes, mouthwatering and juicy, which gives the composition a surprising twist.

The seduction endures thanks to the intense, sensual and spicy base notes. Patchouli provides a mysterious, sweet and sensual note with a simple and woody finish. Vetiver brings a chord of tanned leather and wood, relaxing and dry, with butter chocolate and smoky notes. The tonka bean diffuses its distinctive vanilla scent, reminiscent of the aroma of cinnamon, saffron, almonds and cloves. Its olfactory impression has a soft and powdery effect with an intense, aromatic, warm and sweet character. Benzoin resin has strong binding properties and a unique scent reminiscent of vanilla.

Long-lasting and enchanting, this fragrance is one that evolves on the skin. I love sniffing my wrists throughout the day when I am wearing this scent. It is definitely one of the best scent releases this summer and well,I am a sucker for any fragrance that contains orange blossom…if it is done well, which this one is.

Pour Elle Eau de Parfum is available in 100 ml (AED 350) and 50 ml (AED 260).


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