Garnier’s Ultra Doux

Garnier Ultra Doux

I have been using Garnier’s latest Ultra Doux Hair Shampoo & Mask for a bout a week now. The hair care range boasts precious, natural blends of handpicked ingredients sourced from plants that are supposed to nourish the hair, strengthen fragile strands, leaving them stronger, shinier and super soft.

The Ultra Doux Avocado Oil and Shea Butter blend claims to revive the most dry, damaged, rough and frizzy hair with gorgeously visible results. Rich nourishing vitamins and proteins in avocado oil, as well as its folic acid, copper and iron go deeper down to nourish hair from the roots while adding intense protection and shine. When combined with the goodness of Shea Butter, a deeply moisturizing and healing natural conditioner rich in vitamin E, the two natural ingredients work wonders! E

I can confirm that the by using the shampoo followed by the mask for 5 minutes, you will be left with ultra soft hair! I also noticed much less frizz so you know that the shampoo targeted to dry & frizzy hair actually works when it comes to Ultra Doux, which is rarely the case with other supermarket shampoo brands.

The range of Ultra Doux hair care is suitable for all hair types and is silicon and paraben-free.  The shampoo costs only AED 16.8 and is available and all supermarkets.



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