Nonions – A Lifesaver for the Lazy Cook

Nonions & Fried Rice made with Nonions

Hello beautiful people,

Recently, I was introduced to a brand called ANGT Nonions that offers a premiere range of 100% natural, preservative free onion base.

Best thing that ever happened to me recently! 

Since I moved out on my own, I have been attempting to do a lot of cooking and trying out some of my mom’s recipes. Erm…let me tell you, it has not been easy! One of the things that always takes up most of my time is chopping onions and well, you gotta put onions into everything – it just does not taste as good without! Rewind 7 years ago, when my mom would tell me that and I would completely disagree. I used to hate onions in my food, especially when I would see them but now, I have come to appreciate the wonderful flavor it adds to food.

So, I am very aware that they have those onion-chopping thingies but I haven’t gotten around to getting one of those for my kitchen yet. To be honest, I do not think I need to anymore, thanks to Nonions.

Nonions is the world’s first ever pre-cooked, ready-to-use onion paste. ANGT’s other brands include Miraya and Sippy that offer the same benefits and fulfil its promise towards a healthy food and lifestyle.

Headed by father and son duo, the ANGT primarily focuses on 100% natural and food innovation and has been growing successfully in various countries in the food service sector. ANGT food products are processed and packed at their manufacturing plants in India, using advanced processing & retort Japanese packaging technology of the next generation. This ensures preservation of nutrients, flavour, aroma and texture of the product naturally, without having the need to add any preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

I love the tag-line “Free from peeling, crying, frying & freezing” So true. In my case, free from standing up for 15 minutes, trying to chop the onions slowly so as to not chop my fingers off also applies.

The ready-to-use onion paste is available in 4 forms – Sautéed Onion, Fried onion, Boiled Onion and Sautéed onions with tomatoes ginger and garlic.

ANGT has been endorsed by Emirates Culinary Guild as an active Corporate Member since 2010 and Nonions Sautéed Onion Paste was a finalist at Gulf Food Awards 2010 in the Best Food Service Product or Technical Innovation Category.

Be assured that Nonions does not compromise on taste! Food still tastes amazing and as if you have used fresh onions.

Nonions onion pastes are available at Al Maya, Safeer, Manama, Westzone, Sunrise and a whole lot of other supermarkets.

For more information, please click here to go to their website.



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