Get the Look: Jessica Alba’s Smoky Eye

Get the Look: Jessica Alba's Smoky Eye
Get the Look: Jessica Alba’s Smoky Eye

Hello lovelies,

This is my first ever Get the Look post and I hope you enjoy it! Forgive me for the terrible collage-ing skills but I will get better at it – promise! Or at least I hope so.

The Smoky Eye look has long been one of the most common makeup looks for nights out! It adds drama and definition for a sultry and sophisticated look!  Just take a look at Jessica Alba in the collage above?  Très classy & chic, don’t you think?

Here, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite products in order to create Alba’s look. 

Isadora Perfect Contour Kajal – Swedish brand, Isadora is new to the UAE market and I have been impressed with most of their products that I have tried so far. Isadora’s products are all fragrance-free and this super soft pencil in black is perfect for the most sensitive eyes! Use this kajal to line your waterline as seen above! Isadora products can be found at BeautyBay in Mirdif City Center, Boots in Mall of the Emirates, Breakwater Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi, and LifeStyle in Abu Dhabi.

Mikyajy’s Sabaya Mascara Essentials Kit – The mascaras in this kit are also suitable for the most sensitive eyes just as the rest of the Sabaya line from Mikyajy. The kit comes with the highest quality mascaras which include the Sabaya 3-in-1 Mascara, Sabaya Volume & Length Mascara and Sabaya Waterproof Mascara. Each of these mascaras is suited for different functions! The 3-in-1 adds volume, length and curl to the lashes while the Sabya Volume & Length mascara is used for added length and thickness! For everyday use, the Waterproof Volume Mascara also gives great volume to lashes.

Make Up Forever’s Aqua Shadow Sticks – These eye shadow sticks are designed to offer women the chance to dress up their eyes as quickly as possible (in under five minutes)! These waterproof shadows in Black and Pearly Beige are the perfect smoky eye makers. If you would like to test these along with your make up skills, I definitely recommend paying a visit to the brand’s recently opened in-store make up studio at Sephora, Mall of the Emirates. You can pick any class to learn from their menu with one-on-one lessons! The Smoky Eye Technique is priced at AED 150. The makeup artist will demonstrate how to apply it on one eye while you will have to do the other! Educational & fun! 

UNE’s Glimmer Lips & Golden BB Cream – These two truly add the color of the sun on your face! Apply these products for a nude and glowing look like the one Jessica is sporting above! They will definitely draw more attention to your sexy, smoky eyes and bring out the beauty of natural and healthy looking skin! These 100% natural products are sure to make great additions to your makeup bag :) I have the lipgloss already and I love it due to its light and non-sticky texture!

Have you tried any of the above products? How often do you apply the smoky eye to your makeup routine?



P.s. I just noticed that I should have probably made the collage background white instead of whatever it is now to blend in with the white backgrounds of the product images – right? Dagnamit! Like I said, forgive my suck-y collage-ing skills! 


Review: Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo and Conditioner*
Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo and Conditioner*

The Diamond Oil Collection by Redken was definitely one of the brand’s biggest launches this year and I can see why! I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about a month now and it’s been doing me good!

My hair is long, naturally very fine, prone to frizz, soft and wavy verging on to curly! A lil’ over a month ago, I was staying at a friend’s house and going to a nearby salon every three days to style my hair since I am always too lazy to do it if I am not in the comfort of my own home. So, whatever shampoo & conditioner the stylists used on my hair made way for tangles…and LOTS of it! Normally, I do not have that many tangles in my hair and so it was really starting to get to me!

When I went back home, I thought it was about time to pop these bottles open! Smartest decision ever! I tend to wash my hair every 3-4 days as it fortunately does not get that greasy! Immidiately after the first wash and conditioning, my hair felt much softer and tangle-free! I can’t tell you what a relief it was to be rid of them. (I definitely should start taking my own hair wash duo with me next time I visit a salon that I am not too familiar with!) After two weeks of using the products, I noticed my hair to be stronger with far less breakage than I was used to experiencing! Now, after one month, I can’t help but to flip and flaunt my hair everywhere I go!

Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo & Conditioner 02
Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo & Conditioner*

The products feature ingredients such as coriander oil that envelops and smoothes, camelina oil that reinforces shine and apricot oil that conditions from the inside/out! When it comes to the scent – it’s alright; I wouldn’t say it’s bad but I just prefer shampoos and conditioners that you can clearly smell when the wind blows it towards your face! These don’t quite do that.

The other products in this collection include the Diamond Oil Deep Facets which is a hair mask for intense conditioning and Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Hair Oil  & Hair Oil Intense for shinier hair.

The collection has got the word ‘Diamond‘ in it for a reason – you WILL shine like one, even brighter than Rihanna 😉 and these babies will become your best friend!

The products in this range are recommended for all types of dull/damaged hair. However, for people that are concerned more with the ‘poo’ in shampoo, I don’t suggest these products as they do indeed contain SLS!

Have you tried any of the products from the Redken Diamond Oil Range. What do you think about it? Will the inclusion of SLS keep you away from it?







Review: Save your Sole with Flexflops

Are you a frequent traveler? Are you that girl that pops by the mall for that one little something and ends up shopping for 3 hours in 4 inch pumps? Are you that girl who decides to get a pedicure during your lunch break but then decides not to because of the closed shoes on your feet?

If you are any one of those girls I just described – I think I’ve just found your best friend and it goes by the name – Flexflops! 

Flexflops are ’emergency’ foldable flip flops that are packaged in cute matching pouches and available in a bunch of colors! I received the Jetsetter in pink!

Flexflops - The Essential Travel Accessory*
Flexflops – The Essential Travel Accessory*
Spiced the picture up with an iPod – another necessary travel accessory

These slippers are very comfortable, only if you wear them during emergencies. I definitely wouldn’t suggest you wear them for long periods of time as they could prove to be unpleasant depending on your feet. Flexflops are also very durable – I’ve had mine for a couple of months now and use it very regularly!

What I love about Flexflops is portability; I carry them with me almost everywhere I go because  you never know when a blister may appear or when a heel decides to break (this has happened to me on far too many occasions; yes, I am clumsy, clumsy person!)

Flexflop 02

Even though there are other folding shoes available in the market such as New Look’s or Dr.Scholl’s ballet flats, I swear by Felxflops for a more comfortable experience. I have never tried the ones sold at New Look but I can tell you that Dr. Scholl’s interior makes way for real sweaty feet and there is nothing I hate more than a shoe that doesn’t allow my feet to breathe! Let’s be honest – what is more comfortable than flipflops!? Your feet will thank you forever if you end up buying a pair!

Flexflops are available to purchase at for AED 180!

Have you ever tried Flexflops or other foldable and portable shoes? What are your thoughts?




Beauty Haul: Boots #1

Hello, hello!

As you keep reading this blog, you will learn how big of a fragrance and hair addict I am! I won’t start by raving about my addiction just yet though! Instead, let’s talk about my visit to the mall recently!

So, I am sure this happens to everybody – you walk into Boots for everyday essentials that should amount to AED 30-50 and then you eventually find yourself spending far too much time in the store and AED 100+ at the checkout counter. That is exactly what happened to me when I visited Boots’ branch in Ibn Battuta Mall.

Lee Stafford, Umberto Giannini, Soap & Glory @ Boots
Lee Stafford, Umberto Giannini, Soap & Glory @ Boots

As you can see, most of what I walked away were travel-sized products which I love since I tend to stay away from home, at a friend’s for long periods of time every now and then. That being said, let’s start with D&D‘s first ever mini reviews!

Soap & Glory's Mist You Madly
Soap & Glory’s Mist You Madly

Soap & Glory Mist You Madly – This was my first ever Soap & Glory purchase! I know, I know – how could I possibly be a frequent visitor to Boots and never walk out with anything Soap & Glory!? (especially ’cause their packaging is so fun!) There’s a first time for everything though, right?
This body mist has the cutest name, don’t you agree? To be honest, I didn’t pay good attention to the scent when I bought it which is why I was ultimately disappointed. I picked up the product because of the packing and the notes that were written on it which stated bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk which are all scents that I love aside from the latter which I don’t really care for all that much!
Much to my dismay, musk was all I could smell when I sprayed it on my skin! If you are a fan of musk, give it a go but I want my money back!

Boots Haul 03
Lee Stafford’s Heat Protection Mist, Shine Spray, Hold Tight Hair Spray & Dehumidifier

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist – This product does just what it says it does and real well too! Just like all the other Lee Stafford products though, it has a fairly strong scent that may be unbearable to some people (the reason why I stopped using Lee Stafford’s dry shampoos.) The scent of this product dies down a bit after a while though which is good! Honestly, I prefer Umberto Giannini’s Love it Straight Heat Protection Mist over it! Keep reading to find out why! 

Lee Stafford Poker Straight Dehumidifier – Let me start by saying that the scent of this LS product isn’t as strong as the rest which is admirable! What I love most about this product is that it keeps the hair from frizzing which, let’s face it is a necessity when it comes to the humidity over here! It is also very handy to keep your hair in check after exercising or when you are out clubbing! It also gives a nice feel to the hair. Suffice to say, I will definitely be re-purchasing this after I’m left with an empty bottle! I carry it with me everywhere I go for perfect and super straight hair and you should too! A definite summer must-have. That’s what’s up! 

Lee Stafford Shine Head Spray Shine – I fell in love with shine sprays after I visited Wow Beauty Salon in Dubai Marina which was the first tine I ever had such a product sprayed on to my hair. Since then, whenever I’d visit a beauty salon, (I frequent many, since sadly I have yet to find that one special, permanent styling house – any suggestions?)I would ask my hairdresser to spray such a product on my hair for a beautiful finish but I only ever got normal hairsprays which is why I was so glad to come across this! This shine spray makes the hair look healthy and glossy and prevents it from looking too greasy at the same time. A great finishing product after using a blow dryer and/or flat iron which I tend to make use of every three days.

Lee Stafford Hold Tight Firm Hold Hair Spray – I love, love, love this hairspray! I rarely wear hairspray mostly because I absolutely detest that crispy hair feel which is unfortunate because I need it after I curl my hair since my hair is soft and hardly holds tight curls for long but with this – no more crispy hair even if you spray a whole lot, which I do! The trick is to spray it far enough from your hair to avoid the yucky crispiness! This fine and light hairspray allows your hair to gently blow in the wind while still staying in place and it washes out very easily! That’s what’s up! 

Boots Haul 04
Umberto Giannini’s Love It Straight Heat Protection Mist & Incredible Body Blow Dry Spray

Umberto Giannini Love It Straight Heat Protection Mist – As mentioned above, I pick this heat protection mist any day over Lee Stafford’s mostly because the scent is divine and what girl doesn’t like her hair smelling uber yummy, especially on date night? I am guilty of spraying perfume on my hair just because I love my hair to always smell good but with this product – perfume is no longer needed! When sprayed onto the hair, it comes out as a light mist and keeps the hair smooth and soft right after straightening! This along with the next are my first Umberto Giannini buys and I can’t wait to discover more! That’s what’s up! 

Umberto Giannini Incredible Body Blow dry Spray – Just like the above Giannini product, the scent is lovely. You are supposed to spritz the product on both roots and lengths of damp hair before styling for a beautiful bounce and added oomph! To be honest, I did not notice much of a difference when I used it but maybe it’s because I already blow dry my hair in a way that retains volume! Have you tried this product? Does it work for you and your hair?

All in all, I was super pleased with my Boots haul especially the travel-sized products! I can’t wait to discover more from these brands however just the other day I went to Boots, Dubai Mall and they told me that they have stopped selling Lee Stafford products and that it was only exclusive to Boots! Did you know about this? Have you seen Lee Stafford products elsewhere?

Which product have you tried from the above? What was your experience like?



Review: L’Occitane Sublime Essence Serum & BB Cream

Hello lovelies!

Those who know me are aware that I am a sucker for everything L’Occitane! The incredible brand recently came out with two great new products – Iris Angelica Sublime Essence and Beauty Cream.

L’Occitane Sublime Essence Serum & BB Creams*
L’Occitane Sublime Essence Serum & BB Creams*
L’Occitane Sublime Essence Serum*
L’Occitane Sublime Essence Serum*

The Sublime Essence is a serum that can be applied underneath any moisturizer or BB Cream. It is a light serum that enhances skin texture and reduces pore size. It has a wonderful floral scent that is quite prominent when applied so if you are very sensitive to fragrance then it could prove to be bothersome. I love the sheer texture and how it has made my skin smooth and soft after using it for only a week!

L’Occitane Sublime Essence Serum Swatch*
L’Occitane Sublime Essence Serum Swatch*
L’Occitane Sublime Essence Serum Swatch* Here’s the product completely sheered out!
L’Occitane Sublime Essence Serum Swatch*
Here’s the product completely sheered out!
L’Occitane Sublime Essence Serum Swatch* Viola! A nice shimmer when fully blended into the skin!
L’Occitane Sublime Essence Serum Swatch*
Viola! A nice shimmer when fully blended into the skin!

The BB Cream comes in two tones – Light & Medium. I received both shades in my press pack!

L’Occitane Sublime BB Cream in LIGHT*
L’Occitane Sublime BB Cream in LIGHT*

The world has been obsessing with BB creams since their arrival into the markets. Why? Well, because they are multitasking products! They contain color, moisture, and SPF. What sets L’Occitanes BB creams apart from the rest available is the addition of organic Iris and Angelica extracts (also in the serum) which provide skincare benefits such as redness reduction and hydration.

L’Occitane’s Medium shade works excellent for almost all skin tones while the Light shade works well for fair skin tones. I have found that fortunately, both shades suit my skin well. The creamy and smooth texture of the BB cream has a lovely subtle scent, dries matte and offers SPF 30. It feels amazing on the skin due to its light texture. It blends in very easily and does not leave your skin looking cakey! Even though the coverage is light, it evens out your skin tone, hides blemishes very well and reduces redness.

L’Occitane Sublime BB Cream in LIGHT Swatch* Creamy texture that eventually dries matte!
L’Occitane Sublime BB Cream in LIGHT Swatch*
Creamy texture that eventually dries matte!


I have been using the product for quite a while now and remain very impressed by it and the coverage it provides me, not to mention the time it saves me while getting ready in the mornings! I would suggest these creams for women with oily and combination skin. Those with dry skin will need to use an extra moisturizer before applying the BB Cream.

Hats off to L’Occitane because I believe that their first ever BB Cream launch is a true success and perfect for all women on the go who require a sublime nude finish to last throughout the day. Want to know something interesting? The launch of the BB Cream marks the first time that the brand has ever used a face in their advertising visuals! Well, half a face – but still a face!

L’Occitane’s Sublime Iris Angelica Ad Visual.
L’Occitane’s Sublime Iris Angelica Ad Visual.

The Sublime Essence Serum is available in 30 ml while the BB Cream is available in 40 ml. Both can be purchased at all L’Occitane stores!

Will you be purchasing any of these two? Are you currently using a bb cream or would you rather stick to the full coverage of a foundation?