Product of the Week: L’Oreal Extraordinary Face Oil & Cream

L'Oreal Extraordinary Face Oil & Cream*

L’Oréal Paris has recently launched the deeply hydrating Extraordinary Facial Oil. The best thing about this elixir aside from it’s phenomenally moisturizing properties? The fact that literally anyone with any skin type can use it in 1,001 ways; the non-greasy Extraordinary Facial Oil adapts to your own individual, bespoke beauty ritual.

Channeling the properties of oils, the Extraordinary Facial Oil boasts of numerous strengths, some of them being that the facial oil is a universal moisturizer that has been formulated by blending 98% of oils with natural origins. Packing ingredients specifically selected for their ability to penetrate fluidity and fine texture to touch, the hugely versatile Extraordinary Facial Oil, a can be used in 1,001 diverse ways including the following:

– Utilizing it as a highlighter to accentuate their cheekbones

– Using it as a deep night moisturizer

– OR as a morning must-have applied along with an SPF cream for all-day hydration

The Extraordinary Facial Oil has a specially selected blend of eight precious oils that enhance skin’s suppleness and radiance; Mediterranean lavender, lavandin, marjoram and rosemary fuse with fragrant flowers in the form of geranium, rose and soothing chamomile with zesty orange provided yet another layer of complexity.

This new oil has become a part of my beauty ritual after using it consistently for two weeks. I love using it alongside the Oil-Cream that nourishes and brightens my skin for more intense results. Both feel very comfortable on the skin and leave no oily or sticky film. They absorb really quickly and smell great too.

The L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Facial Oil is priced at AED 90. 



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