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Fresh-Faced with IsaDora

IsaDora Cosmetics*

Many of you are already aware that I am currently working as a Copywriter and Public Relations Specialist at Paris Gallery, the leading luxury retailer in the UAE. It’s been almost two months now, actually and it’s been great, not only because of the sense of satisfaction I get from working at such an esteemed establishment but also because I have access to all the wonderful cosmetics available at Paris Gallery. Let me tell you, the list of wonderful beauty products goes on and on! Yep. I can affirm that working at Paris Gallery is pretty much a beauty blogger’s dream job. Although, my wallet doesn’t agree. Continue Reading

Wow by Wojooh launches Chunky Funky Lips

Wow by Wojooh - Chunky Funky Lips

Wow by Wojooh introduces its new makeup essential – the Chunky Funky Lips! The ultimate accessory for any girl on the go, the pocket sized lipstick crayon is a beauty MUST for all. The color stick comes in 6 funky shades – a light pink Rosy Delights, a coral Flamingo Flare, a fuchsia Berry Wojooh, a bright red Krazy Karaz, a soft nude in Honey Drops, and a darker nude in Sweet Jallab. The color sticks’ extra creamy texture contains emollients, Vitamin E and shea butter – so not only are they funky, but they are perfect for a soft and smooth lips. Continue Reading

Cupid Launches Black, the Medieval Collection, at Paris Gallery

Cupid Black 1177

The CUPID BLACK Medieval Collection is a collection of fragrances inspired by epic romances of the past. The six fragrances in the collection are named after prominent lovers, whose stories have been told countless of times and touched millions. In the Medieval collection, their epic love is re-visited and re-told by CUPID in the most unique of ways. Each scent embodies the emotions evoked by its tale whether it is tragic, passionate or stormy. The collection is exclusively available at Paris Gallery. Continue Reading