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Review: Save your Sole with Flexflops

Are you a frequent traveler? Are you that girl that pops by the mall for that one little something and ends up shopping for 3 hours in 4 inch pumps? Are you that girl who decides to get a pedicure during your lunch break but then decides not to because of the closed shoes on your feet?

If you are any one of those girls I just described – I think I’ve just found your best friend and it goes by the name – Flexflops! 

Flexflops are ’emergency’ foldable flip flops that are packaged in cute matching pouches and available in a bunch of colors! I received the Jetsetter in pink!

Flexflops - The Essential Travel Accessory*
Flexflops – The Essential Travel Accessory*
Spiced the picture up with an iPod – another necessary travel accessory

These slippers are very comfortable, only if you wear them during emergencies. I definitely wouldn’t suggest you wear them for long periods of time as they could prove to be unpleasant depending on your feet. Flexflops are also very durable – I’ve had mine for a couple of months now and use it very regularly!

What I love about Flexflops is portability; I carry them with me almost everywhere I go because  you never know when a blister may appear or when a heel decides to break (this has happened to me on far too many occasions; yes, I am clumsy, clumsy person!)

Flexflop 02

Even though there are other folding shoes available in the market such as New Look’s or Dr.Scholl’s ballet flats, I swear by Felxflops for a more comfortable experience. I have never tried the ones sold at New Look but I can tell you that Dr. Scholl’s interior makes way for real sweaty feet and there is nothing I hate more than a shoe that doesn’t allow my feet to breathe! Let’s be honest – what is more comfortable than flipflops!? Your feet will thank you forever if you end up buying a pair!

Flexflops are available to purchase at www.aboutthatgirl.com for AED 180!

Have you ever tried Flexflops or other foldable and portable shoes? What are your thoughts?