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Fragrance of the Week – Angel Schlesser Pour Elle

Angel Schlesser Pour Elle*

Angel Schlesser Pour Elle carries the timeless elegance that defines the Schlesser style.

The fragrance’s seduction starts unexpectedly, thanks to the juicy citrus and floral chords of the top notes.  Bergamot offers a citrus freshness that combines sweetness with gently bitter touches. Red berries provide sparkling, spicy and soft floral notes. Calendula flowers are immediately refreshing with a sweet and fruity touch.  Continue Reading

Hairspiration: 3 Romantic Styles for Valentine’s Day

Hello lovelies,

I mentioned on the Facebook fan page that I will be posting several posts leading up to Valentine’s Day that include, hair, makeup, date night ideas, gifts, offers and more. First up, is hair! I don’t know about you, but I for one always want to do something new with my hair whenever there is a special occasion. Although I don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t hurt to look nice, right?

The below hairstyles are my top three picks for Valentine’s Day. They are so feminine and romantic and are very easy to do at home. My incredible hairdresser, Alaa Said from Jolie Dame Salon in Damac Park Towers, DIFC lends his expertise in this post by sharing his how-to steps.

Hairdresser, Alaa Said
Hairdresser, Alaa Said

Alaa is a wonderful hairdresser, which is why I can’t imagine going to anyone else when it comes to my hair. He has had over 17 years experience and is very passionate about his job! He is a hairdresser that truly listens to what you want which is incredibly difficult to find in this city, from my experience!

Let’s explore the hairstyles now! 

1.) Classy & Sassy

Lauren Conrad Looks lovely in her side chignon
Lauren Conrad Looks lovely in her side chignon

Are you going to a fancy restaurant this Valentine’s Day or perhaps the theater? This hairstyle so elegant and looks almost effortless, don’t you agree? Here are the How-To’s from Alaa.

(Suitable for all hair lengths and types)

1.) Part your hair on whichever side it falls naturally.

2.) Section the hair from the top of your head down to the back of the right ear and from the top of your head down to the left ear. Take the back section and pull it to the side, opposite the part, and secure it with a hair tie.  Yo will need to have bobby pins ready.

3.) Tie the ponytail into a knot, hold it in place and secure it with bobby pins.

4.) Loosely pull back the front sections.  If you want your hair to look super sleek, pull it back tight and pin it to the knot that you created.

5.) Finish by spraying a light hairspray and shine spray all over.


2.) Casual & Romantic 

Casual & Romantic
Braided Bangs

If your bangs are overgrown, this style is perfect for you! When I look at this hair-do, I think it is perfect for casual day-time dates. So if you are heading out for a picnic with your significant other or perhaps a (champagne :P) afternoon tea then this is the style you should be flaunting.

(Suitable for all hair lengths and types)

If you want to get the beautiful waves in the above picture, follow these steps from Alaa.

1.) Use your hair straightener to create natural and big waves.

2.) Part your hair to whichever side it falls naturally.

3.) Begin French-braiding your hair until it you are ready for it to be mixed in with the wavy hair. You can then secure it with a bobby pin or a hair accessory of your choice.

If you are doing this style at home, I recommend you put a little mousse on your hair before you begin creating the waves with your straightener. From my own personal experience it makes the waves last longer.


3.) Feminine & Flirty

A beautiful crowning plait
A beautiful crowning plait

I love braids and plaits. They are so flirty and fun! This particular style is so simple and perfect for any occasion. This a wonderful festival style too so if you are heading to RedFest DXB or Dubai Jazz Festival this Valentine’s Day, you should definitely consider this style.

(Suitable for medium-long lengths and all hair types)

To get the waves in the picture, Alaa suggests you use a big curling wand.

1.) Part your hair down the middle.

2.) Take two large sections of hair on each side and begin plaiting them. 

3.) Secure both ends of the plait with hairbands.

4.) Cross the first plait behind your head and pin it down with bobby pins, make sure to tuck in loose ends. 

5.) Repeat the same with the second plait, making sure to pin it level with the first plait and tucking loose ends underneath. 

6.) Pull the sides of the plait out to give body. 

I would totally add a headband to this look or entwine a piece of lace to the finished plaits before pinning them down.


All of these hairstyles are super easy to achieve at home without assistance and are sure to keep your significant other’s eyes glued to you on your date!  If you want to get it done professionally, I recommend paying a visit to Jolie Dame Salon and Alaa. He can create any hairstyle for prices that start at AED 250/350 minimum. You can also avail from their special Valentine’s Day Promo:

Manicure+Pedicure+Cut and Blowdry+Organic Hair Mask for AED 500 only (original price is AED 850). You will also get 30% discount voucher that you can use during your next visit to the salon. 

This Valentine’s Day, I will be paying a visit to Alaa who is going to create one of these hairstyles on me. Can you guess which one? Yes, no? Well, I guess you’ll just have to wait and see…so stay tuned :-)

Which of these hairstyles do you like most? How do you normally dress your hair on Valentine’s Day?