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Fragrance of the Week – Angel Schlesser Pour Elle

Angel Schlesser Pour Elle*

Angel Schlesser Pour Elle carries the timeless elegance that defines the Schlesser style.

The fragrance’s seduction starts unexpectedly, thanks to the juicy citrus and floral chords of the top notes.  Bergamot offers a citrus freshness that combines sweetness with gently bitter touches. Red berries provide sparkling, spicy and soft floral notes. Calendula flowers are immediately refreshing with a sweet and fruity touch.  Continue Reading

A Goodnight Kiss by Roja Parfums launched at Paris Gallery

Roja Parfums - A Goodnight Kiss @ Paris Gallery

A Goodnight Kiss is the fragrant celebration of how precious a small exchange of affection can be, and the lasting effect it can have upon us. In a world where human contact is becoming increasingly digitized, the smallest acts of physical interaction seem more meaningful than ever before. This latest scent from Master Perfumer, Roja Dove is exclusively available at Paris Gallery. Continue Reading

Smell This: Fragrance of the Day – Issey Miyake’s A Scent

Issey Miyake's A Scent
Issey Miyake’s A Scent


This is my second time owning a bottle of Miyake’s A Scent. I admire and appreciate the simplicity of the name, the bottle and of course, its scent which is reminiscent of freshly cut grass and dew drops.

I got this as a birthday gift from my big sister last year, after adding it on to my wishlist! I was so pleased that she actually got me the gift set that included the shower gel and body lotion. When I wear the perfume with those two, it intensifies the amazing scent to a whole new level. This is my ultimate spring/summer scent. Whenever I wear this green, floral, woody fragrance, I can’t help but to be transported into a world where minimalism, peace and nature prevail.

I never fail to spritz this fragrance (or any fragrance for that matter) onto my hair! I just love how whenever the wind blows, I get a whiff of  A Scent and it comes at me like the scent of flowers residing in a secret garden that have been playing hide & seek with swaying trees. Alright, the poet in me is getting carried away now! I apologize. Haha.

Back to the fragrance – it can and will last you the WHOLE day which is another reason you should get it if you like fresh & transparent scents. I sprayed it on my pulse points this morning and of course, my hair and I can still smell it till now.

So what’s in it? Top notes of verbana, heart notes of hyacinth and jasmine and base notes of galbanum. How gorgeous is that simple & clean block of glass bottle too? I have a feeling this perfume is going to be on my wishlist year after year. I can’t imagine going a single summer without it from now on.