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Lolita Lempicka reveals SWEET at Paris Gallery

Lolita Lempicka Sweet @Paris Gallery

Delighting in the pleasures of being a woman, Lolita Lempicka reveals its latest creation that resembles the overwhelming femininity in a scent that speaks of the true Lolita Lempicka woman. A perfect combination of fruits and musk tells the story of provocation, allure, desire, indulgence and appeal. Conceived by Anne Flipo, IFF perfumer and inspired creator, Sweet perfume is a mouth-watering scent from the very first note. Continue Reading

Roberto Cavalli’s Paradiso

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso is a key to another world, an earthly paradise of thrilling sensations and voluptuous delights. It tells of an impromptu excursion on the Mediterranean Sea, of a magnificent villa and its secret garden. It speaks of the kiss of water and sunlight on one’s skin, of the evanescent smell of jasmine, of the enthralling flight of multicoloured parrots in the azure sky… Unashamedly hedonistic, Roberto Cavalli Paradiso is a celebration of the pleasures of existence. With this fragrance, the famous Italian couturier brings everything to its climax. In his hands, the Mediterranean dolce vita is transfigured and becomes a true Paradise on earth. Continue Reading